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Ode to Sappho

Ode to Sappho

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This piece is draped in a radiant antique gold and features engraving and black shading. At its heart lies a tribute to Sappho, symbolizing love, creativity and freedom of expression. This necklace seamlessly blends the timeless beauty of ancient Greece with contemporary design. 

What truly sets this piece apart is the subtle yet profound symbolism: an upside-down triangle, a powerful emblem of the LGBTQ+ community. With its apex pointing down, it echoes the resilience and strength of queer women who defy societal norms and embrace their identities with pride.

Whether worn as a statement of personal empowerment or as a celebration of love in all its forms, the "Ode to Sappho" necklace is more than just jewelry-it's a testament to love, diversity and the enduring spirit of LGBTQ+ women. 

Product Details:

Brass, 14k antique gold plated

32 in. chain

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