Who am I supporting when I buy from Sappho's?

Sappho's Jewelry is a small, queer and woman-owned brand founded in May 2023. The original inspiration came from the comments on a viral TikTok from femme presenting women wished they had ways to identify themselves as queer to other women in the community. While rainbows and scissors are iconic symbols of sapphic sexuality, we saw a need for creating art in our designs, many of which are steeped in history. Our ultimate goal is to make the face of Sappho a worldwide recognizable sapphic symbol. 

Is there a physical location of Sappho's?

Sappho's is currently an online store only. However, we will have a booth at both San Diego and Phoenix Pride Festivals. We will also be available at other queer market events around the Los Angeles area. Follow us on IG or sign up for email notifications when new products drop and we schedule future events.

Who designs the jewelry? Could I buy this jewelry elsewhere?

There are 30-plus designs in some process of production. With the exception of "Her Love Letter" necklace, every piece is an original creation by Sappho's founder. 

What materials are used?

Our pieces are brass and 316L stainless steel, which have passed the highest testing standards of the EU and United States.

--The stainless steel is nickel free, hypoallergenic, waterproof, sweat-proof and the most environmentally friendly metal in existence. It will not fade or rust.
    --The brass is recycled and also water resistant. All of our gold items are gold plated with .1 micron, double the industry standard for longer lasting plating. As with anything, the more you care for your jewelry, the better it will look over time. 

      Are they ethically made?

      Our manufacturers work with some of the largest brands in the world. They are committed to gender equality and human rights. 

      Are they sustainably sourced?

      Our manufacturers employ energy efficient processes and precision manufacturing to reduce their carbon footprint and safeguard the environment. They also use recycled metals. 

      How do I care for my jewelry?

      While your jewelry is created to last and is water-proof or water resistant, for the best life of the jewelry, we recommend removing it before showering, swimming or applying lotions. 

      --Please do not use jewelry cleaning products, as the chemical in these can damage or remove the plating.
      --Hand sanitizer contains alcohol, which can strip the plating of your jewelry.
      --Remove your jewelry before bed, working out or any highly physical activity to prevent wear and tear like bends and scratches.
      --With some of the larger pieces, we always recommend putting the jewelry on last while getting dressed to prevent snags.