About Us

Sappho's Jewelry is a queer, woman owned and created brand for women who want to clearly identify themselves as part of the LGBTQ community.

Our founder and designer recognized a gap in the market for LGBTQ jewelry that moved beyond the conventional symbol of rainbows. While they are undeniably powerful, she wanted to offer something different--something that reflects the depth and diversity of queer identity. 

She was inspired to create her brand from the legendary Greek lesbian poet, Sappho. 

"There is a story or historical significance to each piece I design. Our stories and what we want to share with the world are so important. As a "late-in-lifer," being queer is part of who I am, and I want to wear that identity boldly."

Thank you for supporting us. Choosing Sappho's is a support for women, small businesses and the LGBTQ+ community.